Shine on, bright star

I am a compulsive hummer- I find myself humming and singing frequently. Even if I am not vocalizing the songs I am hearing, there is a constant playlist of songs running through my head nearly all the time. Some songs repeat themselves over and over for hours whilst other songs seem to appear and disappear at random times. Now, I am not musically gifted myself, I can’t hold a tune and I have never been able to play a musical instrument (despite being surrounded by many gifted musicians over the last few years!) I can replay songs in my head with amazing accuracy (I like to think so at least!) but I haven’t yet mastered the ability to outwardly express what I’m hearing within.

I try to avoid listening to pop music; not just for the reason the majority sound terrible to my ears but also because the songs are too damn catchy! They get stuck in my head until I hear a different song and can replace it in my minds playlist. Don’t get me started on Christmas carols! I swear I find myself humming along to the tune of Jingle Bells at least once daily, regardless of the season!

Catchy tunes aside, I believe when a song appears in your head at random it may be helpful to check the lyrics. Could your subconscious be trying to tell you something?  Whether it’s a message you really need to hear, or a song that is uplifting and encouraging to your mood- music speaks to the soul. Music has the ability to bring forth memories, to stir up the emotions and to heal.

Lately I have been singing the old song ‘This little light of mine’ as I work or when I need to encourage myself. The song has a bit of history and has been re-made several times over the past 80 odd years. The main lyrics; “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” have been used in other songs as well but the original version was a children’s gospel song. It was originally intended to encourage others to let their light shine out and not to hide in the dark. When I was younger my mother would take my sister and I to church every weekend for years. My sister and I would even take part in Pentecostal masses as alter girls. I am not particularly religious but some of those songs really stuck with me and over time I have formed my own personal meaning to those songs; especially ‘This little light of mine’.  So regardless of the religion and culture the song originally came from, I think the message of the song is very important and motivating.

As an introvert myself, I usually find it much easier to stay in the shadows (unless you give me some wine- and then you can only try and get me to withhold my opinions on EVERYTHING!) Staying in the shadows and watching the world happen around you is not very fun! I believe we all have an inner light within us and that when we let that light shine it expands out and reaches others. That light is like a metaphorical sunny ball of love- Full of energy and our soul’s true expression. When we realize the potential we all have within us, we discover just how powerful and courageous we can be. When we have the courage to express ourselves and follow our own personal truth, we teach and show others that there are other ways to live. That everyone doesn’t need to agree, or seek approval from others-(by seeking other’s approval you are giving away your power!)

Everyone has the ability to be creative, loving, powerful and true to themselves and their own needs. Whether or not they decide to work on that is up to them. Telling people what to do doesn’t really work, but when you believe in yourself and you shine that light it reaches others, and they notice.  When someone walks into a room that is really letting their light shine, they have an aura of brilliance and confidence about them- you can’t ignore it! It’s almost like a slap in the face (love smack?) and can also be incredibly intimidating to others that are happily staying in the shadows.

When we stay in the dark, we dim our inner light and follow the crowds. We are happy to let others be powerful, or to take control. We give away a piece of ourselves and our happiness because we are more comfortable staying in the shadows and reserving that shine for others. Everyone deserves happiness for themselves and to follow their dreams. Everyone has differing passions and dreams for a reason, our heart and soul’s desires are what make us unique.

I believe everyone is equal-being powerful and expressive does not make anyone ‘better’ in any way. So why do we reserve that light for others and not believe in ourselves and our own power?

I sing this song now because that is an area I am currently working on within myself. It gives me encouragement with the thought that by hiding in the dark, I am wasting my energy and my personal power. By letting my light shine I hope it can encourage others to open their hearts and let their light shine out into the world.

Be a star! Let your light shine! 🙂


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