Dance through life

At times when I am having a bad day, or negative thoughts become too overpowering and I feel I cannot move forward; I like to go outside.

I find a place away from people, outside in nature and I sit. I watch and I wait until I begin to see movement; distractions from the corner of my eyes- and I am reminded of nature’s dance.  Most importantly, I watch life around me continue living.

I like to watch the insects and spiders. I find them incredibly fascinating and I stare at their tiny bodies and the intricate details of their individual markings with amazement. That something so small could be formed with such precision and detail is a miracle in itself. But what I really love is to watch them go about their daily activities and I think about what qualities inspire me to think more positively about life.

The ants march on; hard working together as a team. The individual tenacity of each ant is amazing when you see a tiny ant carrying such a huge load; yet collectively as a team they have the strength to move mountains. They are mighty enough alone yet they know they are strongest working with the rest of the colony to get the job done, effectively and efficiently. They continue to persevere through life’s setbacks and continue on their path.

The spiders wait silently and patiently on their webs, waiting for a tasty meal to cross their path. Some spiders are completely blind; when they need to rebuild their webs they leap out into the unknown with the highest faith that they will reach another surface and they let their bodies be carried with the wind. A spider’s web can be broken many times every day and yet they do not give up. They get back out there and start meticulously rebuilding their homes time and time again.

Insects and spiders are often described as irritating, annoying or disgusting. But if you take the time to see them at their best, they can be graceful, delicate and even flamboyant. They dance with the flow of life and accept setbacks as challenges. They practise patience and precision in their daily movements and they do not give up. Life is a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows, positives and negatives-and yet all around us the world continues to breathe life.  A setback today might be just the thing to push us forward into tomorrow.

Surrounding me at the moment are fields of yellow daisies. When the wind sweeps through the fields the flowers bend and dip, then bounce back up again. The daisies sway in unison, back and forth; dancing with the wind. It’s as if they have an unspoken agreement to work together, an exchange of energies in which provides the perfect dance partners for one another.

When the rain falls and the droplets hit each blade of grass, I like to imagine the grass and plants taking every loving hit with grace; bouncing, twisting and turning- reaching out to receive the gift of water.

Nature’s dance- it’s happening every second of every day. The birds dance above us: their wings drumming along with the beat of the sky, the air pockets and wind currents. The ants, with their marching beat: timely and repetitious as they persevere from one day to the next. Predator and prey- there is an unspoken agreement that provides the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The rhythm of life. Each animal, insect, being and plant dancing along to their own individual beat; yet combined it forms a harmonious song.

Do we dance along to the rhythm or do we stay still; eager to be rid of our burdens but too afraid to surrender to the dance? The steps are not shown to us in advance. We have to trust that when we put one step forward, the universe will take our hand and spin us forward in the right direction.

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