Mural Project

Earlier this year I was extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to paint a mural for a small business on the East coast of Tasmania. I was given creative freedom to paint, although there was just 2 guidelines; It needed to be vibrantly bright, and appeal to children.  It was a huge learning experience and a project I was very excited to take part in! I had never painted such a large scale piece- the board used was 3.8m wide and 1.2m high! It was my first time using house paints but the colours mixed well together and had a lovely smooth finish.

The board was open to the elements, with no shade.. This provided some very interesting experiences working alongside the weather and with the elements!  I would paint early in the morning and had to stop around lunch time because the sun would heat and reflect intensely on the board after 11.30am. During one painting session, I was attacked by a dog and bitten on the mouth whilst trying to paint! Maybe the dog didn’t agree with my artistic expression hehe..

The property featured a Teepee and I decided to continue with the Native American theme in the mural. My attempt was to create a mural reflecting the close relationship between the Native American people and nature.

The idea that all forms of life are interconnected and intertwined.   🙂








One thought on “Mural Project

  1. the sky flowing into the water is such a brilliant visual and thematic statement–the connected cycles which create our earth, flowing throughout each other in constant movement.

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